Brendon urie x reader

Brendon urie x reader

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Warning: This may include sensitive topics, such as suicidal thoughts, drugs, depression, and certain diseases. 

 You are a girl  named Y/N, you have h/l h/c hair, and you have e/c eyes. you are 5,8' making you one inch shorter then brendon. You heard in the news around 3 years ago that Sarah was killed in a car crash and Brendon hasn't made a song since then.


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This is weird because my name is Sara it's just spelled differently
panicatthegayships panicatthegayships Oct 31, 2016
Ooooorrrr go get Ariela and Lexi and stalk both bandz Ariela likes FØB and Lexi likes them both.
Bobconfirmed Bobconfirmed Oct 16, 2016
Whoa! Could u actually.... Just stop at his his house one day?
abyssrial abyssrial Nov 20, 2016
Bruh I actually live in Michigan.. coincidence? I think not.
jordangeter jordangeter Jan 12
Everyone lives in Michigan and I'm over here like
                              "I'm in Texas...!"
i live in michigan and literally nothing happens in michigan. most of the time i have to go to ohio just to go to concerts.