Brendon urie x reader

Brendon urie x reader

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Analee as named by joe. By annalei1111 Completed

Warning: This may include sensitive topics, such as suicidal thoughts, drugs, depression, and certain diseases. 

 You are a girl  named Y/N, you have h/l h/c hair, and you have e/c eyes. you are 5,8' making you one inch shorter then brendon. You heard in the news around 3 years ago that Sarah was killed in a car crash and Brendon hasn't made a song since then.


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XxXStayStrongxXxX XxXStayStrongxXxX Jul 09, 2016
Impersonates Titanic but fails miserably: come back...come back...
Twenty Øne Pilots is here? Yes Josh and Tyler! Sorry Brendon.....XD
Roses are red, cactus are prickly, let me just say that escalated quickly.
ruby_at_the_disco ruby_at_the_disco Oct 04, 2016
Everyone is invited to the ashamed-since-i-didn't-get-the-reference club!
*Patrick Stump whisters in your ear as you die* Thnks fr th mmrs
CryingSmoke CryingSmoke Jul 29, 2016
You understand that thnks fr th mmrs isnt a patd song... Its fob