Three is a magic number. But four is even better.

Three is a magic number. But four is even better.

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signature_smirk By signature_smirk Updated Dec 01, 2016

The Styles triplets, most popular, lusted-after alphas in the whole school. But they never find an omega to fit their needs, never one they agree on. 

Until Louis, a short, gorgeous omega walks into school one morning and turns their world upside down with a single scent. 

Can Louis manage all three alphas?

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5sos43v3r 5sos43v3r Aug 14, 2017
This is the forth time I've read this book and I have forgot everything. I love this book so much, its amazing!❤
5sos43v3r 5sos43v3r Aug 15, 2017
I could so see Edward saying something like ' I'd like it more if you held my horse '😂😇
😂😂😂they're like teenage girls getting texted from their crush omfg
_QxeenMegan_ _QxeenMegan_ Nov 10, 2017
I read that so wrong! I thought he said, “Mom, Marcel cocks!” 😂😂😂
- - May 01, 2017
009000909q 009000909q Jun 09, 2017
excuse me edward..if he is not a virgin,does not mean he is a not jump to conclusions