Imprinted Heart (#Wattys2016) (Completed)

Imprinted Heart (#Wattys2016) (Completed)

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Mia Swan By MiaSwan3 Completed

My name is Amelia Arabella Swan, but Mia for short. I am Bella Swan's twin sister. We are nothing alike. I have blue eyes whereas Bella has brown. Me and my sister have different personalities but still do things together. I have a secret that no one knows about, not even Bella. Here's my story.

2 days after Mia arrives in Forks, she meets Seth Clearwater. She meets her childhood nest friend, who is drooling over Bella. What happens when not only Bella but Mia as well are in danger. What if the Volturi want Mia because of the power she posses.

What does Mia posses? What is her secret? Why do the Volturi want her? Why is Laurent surprised to see Mia in Forks? Have They Met Before?

This is set just before Bella and Laurent meet again in New Moon. Except this will be quicker.

Sweetiepie_ Sweetiepie_ Nov 23
She should be 18 if her and Bella are twins bc Edward and his family left after Bella's birthday.