Good Doggy {unedited}

Good Doggy {unedited}

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Jewel Louise By jewel_louise Updated Aug 04

Cover by: @Andromeda_Nova 

Not another cliche werewolf story.......well except for the big bad wolf part. I mean who doesn't love to read about the big bad wolf ;) 

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Well damn... Who broke your heart that bad to where you would want to kill kids 😭
He's  insane but I love. He's insanity is through the roof but I love 'em
U tell them. Being a biracial its hard because people judge you all the time.
UghCali13 UghCali13 Aug 09
My dad's only nickname for me is Cali which is literally my name minus three letters 😐
Cop: Whatever floats your boat Frank
                              Me: My name is Steve
                              Cop: Im just doing my job Frank
lelezriya lelezriya Aug 22
F is friends who shoots down whole town 🏡🏡🏡🏡🔫🔫
                              U is for you and explosives😊💣😨😱💀
                              N is for nigga if you don't get out my face i will put a cap in yo head 😨😱🔫💀💯
                               *my face after i put a cap in yo head.... 😊*