Good Doggy {unedited}

Good Doggy {unedited}

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Jewel Louise By jewel_louise Updated Aug 04, 2016

Cover by: @Andromeda_Nova 

Not another cliche werewolf story.......well except for the big bad wolf part. I mean who doesn't love to read about the big bad wolf ;) 

**ATTENTION! A brief but serious disclaimer*** 

This is a MATURE story. Meaning that it is meant for the audience of 18+. This Story's  content is not meant for anyone under the age of 18. If you still decide to read this story then you do so at your own risk. I will not be giving warnings before every chapter that has sexual content in it. So please be forewarned now.

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Heyyyy Her mom doesn’t have to be her complexion to be her mother😂 I’m her complexion and my mom is so light skin that when I lose her in a store, somehow I always run to a random white woman thinking it’s her😅 same with my grandma..
kynne1 kynne1 Oct 09, 2017
First a vermin now a monster he seriously has something against kids😂😂😂
godessofire godessofire Oct 21, 2017
Can someone please tell me WHY people pay so much dam money for vases. Sheeet u barely even use them. They just asking to get broken
kynne1 kynne1 Oct 09, 2017
Author I love you so much this is different from most stories 😂😂😂😂
-CookieDoe- -CookieDoe- Jul 28, 2017
wait so you killed them for no reason ? im finna beat his ass 😑
ZEON761 ZEON761 Jul 28, 2017
Dick Lint
                              The lint from your boxers (or whatever you wear.. I don't judge c; ) getting on various areas of your dick and balls