Her names Mean, woops I meant Megan (Under Revision)

Her names Mean, woops I meant Megan (Under Revision)

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Courtney By wishingc Updated Feb 13, 2011

When you’re beaten up by a hot girl, your dazed. When your told you’re going to be a experiment for overly sexually active hormonal teenage boys, you can’t help but say “WHAT?!” but when said beautiful girl is groping you and your friend’s butts for said science experiment, you really have nothing to say. Yet that’s her. She will leave you and your friends speechless as she feels you up in the name of science. 

Oh and don’t even think about trying to tell her ‘no’ because she is a true B-I-T-C-H through and through. She has no patience, no manners, and no care for anyone else; well that’s what it looks like anyways. She has no friends, by her choice of course, because SHE gets what she wants. Yep that’s her.

Her name is Mean, woops I meant Megan!

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