You're Next

You're Next

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My name’s Jenna Edwards. My mom disappeared when I was 12 years old. But disappeared isn’t the way to put it… Let’s just say something happened to my mom, in which I can’t explain. My dad is abusive, and my brother, Ethan, was almost never home. He lived with his mate, while I had to still find mine. My werewolf senses are starting to kick in when I'm captured to my safety. I have to start training for what lies ahead. Everything is starting to fall into place. All the puzzle pieces are getting put together. All the clues are falling into one, big amazing truth. Will I find out what happened to my mom? Who was involved with her disappearance? 
This novel will keep you wanting to read more and has you biting your finger nails. You’ll squeal and cry at some parts, along with a sense of mystery about the truth that lies ahead. Romance flutters around the chapters which will keep you unable to sit still in your seat. So what’re you waiting for? Read.

Sneak Peek!

“And one more thing.” Zach added, cringing when I turned my hard gaze on him. 
“What?” I snapped.
“Daniel moved here to… be a second protector for you. I want you to be more than safe… I want all danger away from you.” He said, and he meant it being my mate.
“Your mates!?” Daniel yelled as he watched us converse. We both ignored him.
“Why do I need a ‘protector’? I’m not in any danger!” I yelled the last words.
“You know when your mom disappeared?” 
“No, I don’t know when my mom disappeared.” I replied sarcastically, trying to hide my voice that would crack any minute. Talking about my mom always weakened me. 
“The man that took her… he’s… He’s after you.”

misskallie94 misskallie94 May 25, 2012
For your first werewolf story, it's pretty damn good. Love it and I'm moving on to the next chapter (:
dana125 dana125 Feb 20, 2012
I love the similes and metaphors.
                              Love this story, I am so reading more!
maymay621 maymay621 Feb 10, 2012
@CaliTheAnimeLover I'm so glad it makes you feel that way! Hahaha. 
CaliTheAnimeLover CaliTheAnimeLover Feb 07, 2012
@maymay621 i just read ur new description and it makes me want read the story ALL OVER AGAIN!!!
maymay621 maymay621 Feb 04, 2012
@fearlessmusic Lol. I can't really teach you how, it should just come..
                              A tip, though, is that describe anything that could be described in your writing. lol
dangerouslovexx dangerouslovexx Feb 04, 2012
Teach me how to write!! I can't put any detail no matter how hard I try and your chapters are so long teach me!!!!!!!