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Lana Sky By Lana_sky Updated Feb 24

PG 13

Misfit screw-up Kayla Riel has no problem with flunking her Senior year of high school and fading into obscurity--at least until the day she's violently attacked in the girl's bathroom and left irrevocably drawn to a strange young man with more secrets than he has knife wounds.

Thomas Raine isn't all that he seems...but neither is his strange family or the mystical world he belongs to--and one he seems to think Kayla belongs to as well.  When loyalty rules all, one can't be too careful as to who they align with, or to whom they become enthralled by.

rvjoswick1 rvjoswick1 Sep 28
Smoking "ciggies" in the girls bathroom!!! Thanks for the memories of 46-50 years ago!!! The nostalgia is amazing!!!    😋
I partly wanted to laugh at the comparison and kind of wanted to shiver in horror at the imagery - the greatest writing type of where you are able to relate to the character or situation! Definitely gonna read on 😊
This kills me! So humorous and relatable! You my friend deserve a gold star.
- - Apr 05
cool it girl the lunch did nothing to you first youre slamming the plate now your jamming straws into cartons our lunches have feelings too😢😢
calmingfire calmingfire Jun 17
This is really great and well written! Also THANK YOU for giving time for great character development before you desperately force feed us the male lead, I feel like I kinda know the main female character now, and she's funny so bonus lol
I liked the book cover and title. Looking forward to reading it.