Good And Gone || The Maze Runner

Good And Gone || The Maze Runner

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Emma Rose By EmRose__ Completed

Property of WICKED: Charlotte. Subject A3: The Light

"Everything is going to change 
Nothing's going to be the same 
What we know is good and gone 
The life we lived has come undone 
So wake me from this terrible nightmare 
This wicked little game I never wanted to play 
An answers gotta be somewhere out there."

Copyright © 2016-2017 Emma Rose (EmRose__)
All Rights Reserved

Cover Credit to the wonderful: @Tamedkiss

Disclaimer: All original dialogue and main ideas belong to James Dashner and others involved in production of The Maze Runner; all new ideas and few select characters and scenes belong to me.

Special Thanks to my new friend @Welc0meT0MyW0rld for the title idea :) love youuuuu <3 (p.s. if you havent already go check out her books you wont regret it ;)


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newgirl244 newgirl244 Apr 13, 2016
I really like the plot line and the way you've written the story is amazing! Can't wait to read more
Queen_of_the_Trash Queen_of_the_Trash Feb 21, 2016
A few grammatical mistakes but not too bad. I really liked it.
Ravenclawgirl131 Ravenclawgirl131 Mar 02, 2016
This was a really good start. I like how she started in the box with her brother. Nice idea. :-)
Kyotox Kyotox Feb 12, 2016
I thought it was a great start! Need to fix punctuation and capitalization.
lazyoverachiever lazyoverachiever Mar 11, 2016
Good beginning! Just enough of a question to make the reader want to continue
wordsandstoriess wordsandstoriess Mar 30, 2016
This story is fantastic!! You have amazing description, and the plot line is really interesting. I really enjoyed the plot twist of the two people coming up at once. There were a couple grammatical and punctuation errors, but nothing you can't easily fix!