Robin's having second thoughts about even staying with Bruce and his worth to the team. Can Bruce and the team find him and convince him that he is worth a lot more than he thinks.

BlackStar1502 BlackStar1502 Aug 26, 2016
He's just so casual with his 'oh yeah someone wants to kill me, no big deal' thing
Abby_Smiles Abby_Smiles Sep 06, 2016
Oh cool- wait! Dang that went 0-100 in seconds. So causally, "Oh, so how's your day, also there is a gun crazy lunatic that wants to kill me! Other than that I'm fine.." What the cràp?
BBarrygirl BBarrygirl Nov 09, 2016
This is a great way to start off the story. Now I'm laughing. 
                              Ace: Rich, you need to be chalant about this.
                              Vi: Remember what he did to Jason?
                              Me: Please refrain from talking.
funfun2004 funfun2004 Jun 27, 2016
Totally awesome prologue I definitely will be reading the rest of this book
Wise_seaweed Wise_seaweed Jul 26, 2016
I love it how he seems so calm. Like getting kidnapped by a lunatic was a regular thing.
Abby_Smiles Abby_Smiles Sep 06, 2016
Anyone else read this like," Well dàmn. Sorry about your trouble, but this would make a hèll of a good episode."