Nightmare (BoyxBoy)

Nightmare (BoyxBoy)

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Kai By Erroribus Updated Aug 12, 2013

Strong, brave, and courageous are all words that you would never associate with weird, anti-social Skylar DeLeon. Diagnosed with Schizophrenia at the age of fifteen, Skylar has always felt like there was something different about him, that the voices he heard inside his head belonged to something.

But he never could have imagined exactly how different he was.

So when the nightmares begin, Skylar brushes them off as just another symptom, but he soon realizes that these aren't just ordinary nightmares...and that sometimes the monsters you see, aren't just in your head.

  • blood
  • boyxboy
  • creepy
  • death
  • different
  • dreams
  • freak
  • gay
  • homosexuality
  • horror
  • killing
  • love
  • murder
  • mysery
  • nightmare
  • paranormal
  • vampires
VeilAffliction VeilAffliction Sep 11, 2015
awesome prologue can't wait to sink my teeth into the errie fascinating story c:
LilMissMagpie LilMissMagpie Apr 22, 2014
I feel an addiction coming on. This was a fantastic prologue, captured my attention from the very first line.
flowercrowngoth flowercrowngoth Jul 22, 2012
i freaking love it!!!! 
                              i love that u put Andy Sixx in it. GOD i had a total fan girl moment which rarely happens.
                              i mean boyxboy with Andy just = total freaking AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!! <3
                              * screaming like freaking idiot*
Elizabeth-Diamandis Elizabeth-Diamandis Jul 13, 2012
Yes! Andy Biersack is Skylar <3 i love Andy <3 I like this. btw I like Twilight and I'm going to read this. This better have MUCH blood.
ChocoholicLover ChocoholicLover Apr 13, 2012
This is good but.. uh hope you dont take offense... your cover scares me *sheepish*
LynnieLynn LynnieLynn Feb 11, 2012
If no one wants to read your book b/c of Twilight, then they need help. 
                              Good start so far :-).