The Flock Experience

The Flock Experience

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Sorry not sorry By sagariolily Completed

*Book 3 of PJF*

Fire and Sea go as far west
One shall go through many trails and test
A message in mist makes a heart to stone
Brother and sister found in the blood flown
Fire burns bright as the hawk leads the others
Raven's rage flows as a heart stops and flutters

"Leo, this is your quest, are you sure you just want one person to go with you?" Chiron asked.

I saw Leo nod slowly. "Yes,"

Could have been worst

This is a Maximum Ride, Percy Jackson and a little surprise crossover.Hope you like. I don't own it Rick Riordan and James Patterson do.

I can se percy turning around and screaming " I'm a FRICKING CHICK" and then laughing like a maniac
Who says you can't be both *sassily hair flips and then trips and falls on my face*