living with 13 boys | svt x reader |

living with 13 boys | svt x reader |

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leena ♡ By tempurayuta Updated Sep 13

what happens when you live in a household with 13 other cute boys? a confusing life with love triangles, weirdness and jealousy.


just so you know, i improvised while typing it up and i was pretty bored so i might've added some randomness and some members from other groups too.

LeeyahJeff LeeyahJeff Nov 06
Eyyyy suga too expensive. In order to get some,  instead,  you lure it into your house with 3 dollar chains.
voidjeon voidjeon Oct 22
Kimbap is actually very good. The nori part is my favourite in kimbap. Sometimes the additional items on kimbap tastes weird ;P
My mom: Do you want anything from the store? 
                              Me: *suga voice* MIN SUGAAAAAAAA
All I would be able to do was stare.... hell, I would stare for all of them.
Cute_kpoper Cute_kpoper Sep 18
I'm 10 and my height is 148 ;-; (sorry for my badi english :p)
Well this is awkward because I just read a kihyun x reader yesterday and they where all up on each other... tHAtS nOT wHaT SibLInGs dO