living with 13 boys | svt x reader |

living with 13 boys | svt x reader |

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leena ♡ By -kundere Updated a day ago

what happens when you live in a household with 13 other cute boys? a confusing life with love triangles, weirdness and jealousy.


just so you know, i improvised while typing it up and i was pretty bored so i might've added some randomness and some members from other groups too.

jjibootae jjibootae 2 days ago
Can they get he's not my bias but in this story he really seems to like her
Oi suga is like 30000000000 something cheaper like a 3 dollar chain
AllHailLevi AllHailLevi Dec 04, 2016
Boi you missed that opportunity although I would gladly lay with your naked torso any day
Awkward... he's literally like a foot taller than me in this story... 😿
LorenaMalaret LorenaMalaret Dec 29, 2016
Buying suga is always on my chopping list but I never in find it
awkwardcatss awkwardcatss Nov 27, 2016
My mom: Do you want anything from the store? 
                              Me: *suga voice* MIN SUGAAAAAAAA