If Walls Could Talk | Dean Winchester ✓

If Walls Could Talk | Dean Winchester ✓

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- ❝They never stop talking about you, Winchester. They're so terribly frightened. Why are they so scared of two men and a so-called angel?❞ -


[mid/earlier supernatural seasons, warning: mental illnesses and deaths mentioned]

cover by me

ps; i'm australian so this is in british-english not american-english

AbbyDoucet AbbyDoucet Jul 29
I hear my dad laughing and I have the tv turned up and I'm downstairs with headphones on blasting music
hihellowow hihellowow May 20
No i dont fvck you you dusty wrinkly old man go and get a lofe ypu son of a bittttc h
- - Jan 30
You have Dean's character
                              down. You have perfectly
                              written him and I'm so
                              happy that you have. June
                              is such an odd character
                              but also very sarcastic and
                              I love that in original characters.
pasteldragcn pasteldragcn Mar 01, 2016
Oh my God, way to get someone hooked! You surely have me wanting to read more.~
- - Jan 30
What a phenomenal read!
                              This looks so good! :D I'm
                              so excited because most
                              SPN fics are so generic but
                              this is so good! I have never
                              read anything like it.
- - Mar 17, 2016
This is absolutely fascinating. Looking forward to the next update.