levi reacts to ships | completed

levi reacts to ships | completed

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yunogas4i yunogas4i Aug 05
0/10 I'm sorry all eremika shippers but I'm hardcore Ereri shipper ❤
Flame: I'm the only one to treat him like a slave. I'm his wife!
Umm... correction... Ereri is the most popular actually... just saying
sbmlujan3 sbmlujan3 Sep 01
-1000000/10 sorry ermika shippers I respect your ship but I'm a hard core erei shipper erenxlevi for life.
I feel like a ton of people imagined Levi saying this in an at least somewhat cheerful tone meanwhile I’m imagining him saying it in the most monotonous tone EVER
0/10 no hate, I just ship rivamika though. But I'm fine with it I guess