The No Kiss List

The No Kiss List

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J By BryanaMolina Updated Dec 06

Maya Hathaway was different. Not because she only had two friends, had a freakish obsession with young Leonardo DiCaprio, and on every Sunday morning she never never misses an episode of My Little Pony. She was different because she saw through every guys act. Either if they were a player, bad boy, jock, or heartthrob, see saw straight through their pretty faces. 

Why? Because she doesn't want to get hurt by any of these gorgeous boys. Because she's had a piece of their cake, and it wasn't so sweet. It was a mistake she blames herself for, and a mistake she will never forget. And as a way to forbid herself from ever getting hurt like that again, she makes a list.

But then there's Tyler freaking Garrison. The school bad boy, heartthrob, and possibly soon to be Calvin Klein model with the looks he's got going on. He's an motorcycle enthusiast, tease to the female population, and one of his most favorite things is to annoy the heck out of Maya Hathaway. She can't stand him and he loves that. The classic guy annoys girl and girl hates boy. But Tyler Garrison annoying Maya isn't the case, Tyler Garrison has done something very bad earning him the top name on The No Kiss List.

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I'm fine with that...just some goo true friends, dogs, Internet and food and I'm done...I don't need a stupid lover
If he was my best friends would out him as one or two, maybe three lol
warpedrosesxo warpedrosesxo Oct 13, 2017
My husband ;) I only clicked on this bc I saw him in the cast loool
I always do it, whenever someone tells me to not look or to not turn around, i always end up doing so
Mrs_Seagull Mrs_Seagull Jul 16