You're Different

You're Different

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Smile By Whatsgoodharry Updated Jun 13, 2017

Kendall is the new girl at school. She was quiet, a bit shy, and very caring. Kendall didn't really talk that much until things changed.

On Kendall's first day of school, she met a few people (her squad) and they became her friends right away. The first person she met was a girl named, Gigi. Gigi had told her which groups are which. Like the popular, the nerds, and etc. Kendall wondered who the populars were. Until she got shoved into one accidently through the crowded hallways.

Kendall bumped into Cara Delevingne. The most praised girl in school. Cara was like a queen. If she asked for something, she'd get it. If you ever say no to her, you'd probably want to pry. Everyone loves Cara. But what everyone doesn't know is that Cara doesn't give a shit about everyone who goes to school with her. All Cara cares about is her friends and being popular. Until she met Kendall.

When Cara and Kendall get to know each other, Cara gets caught up in a mess. She makes a bet with a girl named, Whitney. Cara disagrees with the bet, but Whitney says she's to scared and that she's changing. Cara is angry, so she proves Whitney wrong and agrees on the bet. 

Will Cara fall in love with Kendall? What will happen when Kendall finds out about the bet? Will they still be together? Find out in the next chapter of You're Different.

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jh12rae jh12rae Feb 02, 2016
I really like your story so far, can't wait for the next chapter! x