The Daughter of the moon (Jelsa) Complete

The Daughter of the moon (Jelsa) Complete

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Elsa's full name is Elsa Arens Winter Moon daughter of manny also known as The Man In The Moon she has two big brothers Pitch her oldest and his twin Tempest he used to be evil but Elsa turned him good Elsa also has a sister named Anna but is not her biopic ally related but love each other so much 

Jack's full name is Jackson Frost but used to be Jackson Overland but not anymore anyway he is the gaurdian of fun has a sister named Emma 

Anna's full name is Anna Arens Summer Elsa's sister

and there are so much more characters

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NishkaGupta NishkaGupta May 22, 2017
it is not a good thing to copy someone's should put their own ideas and mold it into a story and not at all stealing ideas..
YanskieLuixx YanskieLuixx May 30, 2017
@DeniseSiah22 Have you seen this already sorry to bother if you already did see this hehehe
That_BeautyQueen That_BeautyQueen Jul 27, 2016
You copied DeniseSiah's book? I think you did because I read an exact one like this with the same name and everything
Wifeylirious Wifeylirious Jul 21, 2016
Not being rude ok I just read a book that it has a title the daughter of the moon and some of the names and event happen like yours and I have a question did you read her book?
99930D 99930D Sep 16, 2016
This story is the same as one of the book I read. The dog is also call snow and bunny ask who is the guardians and she too have a room which can only be open with her bracelet
khynna0422 khynna0422 May 27, 2016
I read one story like this and the author said that someone is copying her