Different  [taegi]

Different [taegi]

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ria By dwaeji-nim Updated Nov 29


When two different persons from different eras meet. Both have different attitudes. How can they handle themselves together? Will they end up leaving each other? Or living together forever?

note: enough with the 'er'.

started: dec/15
finished: aaa/00

whitecchu whitecchu Aug 28
Omg where have i been all the time?
                              How can I don't know this amazing fic heeeeu :')
                              Well same with Yoongi, I really hate history bcs it teaches us to not moving on(?) #no wtf is this lol
                              Awww prince Kim got me like crazyyyyy
                              I started to love this story. Well done :3
thisfriday thisfriday Apr 15
BTS cross dressing is pitiful because they look prettier than me
adultkook adultkook May 31
not to be rude but doesn't ur back hurt from all that blowing
jaebvm- jaebvm- Oct 18
when i was still new to bangtan, i shipped taejin so hard is2g
civnooy civnooy Aug 06
Share his number to me pweaaseeeee i need to talk to my yoongi to T^T
stay still boi, you'll get food niga hamyeon (see what I did there)