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Blaze Knight lost her mum in a car accident. Blaze witnessed the death of her mum and it haunts her nearly every day and night. She struggle with depression and self harms. She pushed all her friends away because she doesn't want to lose anyone else she cared about, she just thought it was easier to push everyone away. Blaze lives with her Grandma. Her dad disappeared when she was around 5 years old. Now nearly 18 she hasn't seen him since. She doesn't believe in love or hope or anything like that.  

But now enter. 

Levi Rivers. The schools own bad boy. No one has proof of what his done only rumours. Everyone is scared of him because of his looks and his image. He is over 6ft3 which makes him tower over people. His dark hair and dark piercing eyes. His bulging muscles. He has had a horrible past abusive father, run away mother. Nothing seems to go right for him any more until he runs into crying Blaze in the middle of the night. He then notices her eyes, the emptiness and the sadness they hold. 

That's when he decides to give her Hope on life and life is worth something. 

*This books deals with issues such as Depression and Self Harm.

#695 in Romance.

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ashleylau549 ashleylau549 Dec 03, 2017
the names are weird levi is usually a girl's name, blaze is usually a boy's name
Nelzforever Nelzforever Mar 15, 2017
It looks like thats about it,they get together and wee happily ever after.
MorganGee0415 MorganGee0415 Feb 10, 2017
I feel like I've learned a lot through wattpad stories and different people's perspectives on things
andreneej74 andreneej74 Jan 02, 2017
the writing improved so much from the description to the prologue ... i was a lil worried
SugaUnicorn64 SugaUnicorn64 Jan 08, 2016
This is so true. You can put up a mask but under that mask is a whole different story.