His Silent Mate

His Silent Mate

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"You are worthless. I can't believe I have taken it easy on you all these years. Your so weak I am just done with you!" Alpha screamed in my ears.

I just looked up at him. I haven't and won't talk. Ever since my family died I have been used as the weapon dummy, I'm worthless just like he said.


'It's time to go to Alpha Zack's. We need to find me and possibly you guys a mate.' I mind-link everyone.

I have searched every single pack. No one has my mate. The only one I haven't gone to is The Silver Moon pack. It's the only one left. I need to find my mate!

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queen_arceli queen_arceli 4 days ago
Do y'all people don't know that there is a species of wolves that are red?
myrkhali myrkhali Sep 21
Y'all he had all of this stuff done BEFORE HAND. Its not like he had this stuff done in the time he went to go find her, he's been looking for her for a long àss time so he had this stuff done while he was looking for her all these years.
Why is it always Brittney, my name is Brittney and I've only dated 1 guy. And I only ever want to date one guy at a time. The stereotypes that come with the name Brittney are unbelievable😒
trinkrazo trinkrazo Jun 19
That was the shortest nap in history.  She's abused and been mistreated ripped from her home and has fallen asleep in his arms.  Yet her shakes her awake to show her what she will see for the rest of her life?  Yea, that's a male for ya.
Did I miss something 😕 one minute he finds her, then running and gets to the pack lands and now already has her a whole wardrobe of clothes before she's even in the house.. so confuzzled 😖
I'm not trying to be rude I'm just trying to help. Ones in the last sentence shouldn't be there, if you didn't notice until I mentioned it then you're welcome. You're a really good writer, you just need a little work, and you're a better writer than me. 😆👍