Chat Noir x Reader

Chat Noir x Reader

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A lot of things has happened to you and your mum; she decides it's time to leave the past behind and start of on a clean slate far away. Although it means leaving behind a few great friends you agree. One thing leads to the another and before you know it, off you two go. Next stop; Paris, France.

Cover by @LunasApprentice

Sleeping with sirens started playing in my head after i read stomach was in knots
What should my characters name be? I think I'll name her Kristie
I don't know that song. My parents sing in Spanish. I used to order my mom to sing a song that my grandma sang to her so I can sleep. It went like
                              Ay turulete 
                              Ay turulete 
                              Si el no tiene vaca, no tiene leche
                              That's just the 3 first lines.
Ru serious we're in first class 
                              Damn we're rich asf
Markanoss Markanoss Nov 25
Why do I keep thinking of "Steroid Suzie"? Like that's not even her name
Mom x Reader Confirmed
                              lolcommentifugetthereference :3