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[Undertale] Sans X Reader - Repeat, Eternally

[Undertale] Sans X Reader - Repeat, Eternally

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ENYO By Mercurite Completed

You've been here, again and again before.
He's been here too, every time.
So has Frisk, and Chara.
So has everyone else.
The real Sans had already moved on to another time line. 
You weren't able to make the jump.

You were stuck in your last moments, forever.

ChocolateSilence ChocolateSilence Oct 15, 2016
Your the very first person who has ever inspired/motivated me in my time of reading Undertale. I also want to ask how do you do it? I mean I'm only in 7th, but even if I was the same age as you I don't think I'd be able to do it.
Wow. That has to be the best, honest, absolutely true thing i have read. You have a strong soul and i give you my respects.
                              Thank you🙏
sansismybae1818 sansismybae1818 Oct 20, 2016
Eh I don't really try to do that but when I say something, it's either funny or funny so it's my job to comment!
SkeleX SkeleX Aug 13, 2016
I am the first one here, *breathing noises* either that or my things glitchy, then I'll have to go kill a Chimara again.
MiniKitty40 MiniKitty40 Aug 13, 2016
Happy endings are just a fantasy that everybody wishes they had.
                              Hey I want control back! Give me back control of MY body!
                              *mini has regained control
                              Hello writer~chan *insert something inspirational caus I'm to lazy to write*
MonoFallen MonoFallen Jan 18
Honestly, I think I am going to love this story.
                              Just seeing your passion for this..
                              It really motivates me to read on.
                              I cannot relate to your struggles.
                              But I hope we can motivate you to get through this.
                              We cannot do anything physically.
                              But I hope our appreciation will help you.