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It's A Deal

It's A Deal

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☼ Kimmy Herz ☾ By XthatONEchicX Updated 2 days ago

"Kiss me." He orders, slamming my locker shut. 
"Is she coming?" I ask, turning my head to look behind me but he grabs my face and makes me look up at him. 
"Yes, now kiss me." 
I do as told, getting on my tippy toes as I lean up to kiss him. 
He kisses me back slowly, before he pins me against the lockers and deepens the kiss. My eyes widen and I try to push him away. 
This isn't part of the deal. 
He pulls away, a full on smirk plastered on his face. "I lied." He confesses, turning around. "She wasn't coming." Then he walks away. 
* * * 
Sapphire Adams was just looking for a place to stay while her dad was out of the country. The only available place that was the cheapest was Ian Hawthorn's place - the school's football captain. They make the rules when she moves in and the number one rule is that they will never become anything more than just housemates. But it all changes when he gets cheated on and seeks revenge, making a deal with Sapphire in the process. 
Oh, one more thing; they have a past. 
* * *
©2016, Kimmy Herz

izo_363 izo_363 3 days ago
Omg who has the eating disorder 😤 sorry I'm jut worried about all the characters now haha
Annfictastic Annfictastic a day ago
It wouldnt be a wattpad book if she would have put it together
asian_to_the_max asian_to_the_max 2 days ago
Tbh if this happened to me I'd be sad, but not crying since she lives in china and I've only seen her once soooo
abaemae abaemae 4 days ago
if she was able to emancipate or whatever it is when you take care of your funds and everything to do with you then she could legally buy/rent her own house
Annfictastic Annfictastic a day ago
Guyyyyyyyssssss come on, if she would of stayed home, there wouldnt be a story
SolarCheesecake SolarCheesecake 7 days ago
                              June 22nd, 2017
                              2:05 PM
                              currently in my bed