Love Unfolds - A Zane x Reader Story

Love Unfolds - A Zane x Reader Story

33.2K Reads 919 Votes 12 Part Story
cecilia By jaehynns Updated Aug 06, 2017


You find yourself in a prison, or a dungeon of some sort. Zane comes, and then....

Read on to find more! ;P

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Hexifur Hexifur Aug 26, 2017
                              Black with red ends
                              (Werewolf with black ears that fade to red)
- - Sep 03, 2017
Y/n: Ami
                              F/c: Aqua blue
                              B/f: Emily Akabane
                              H/c: Brunette
                              E/c (eye color): pale blue
                              Other: Werewolf with fluffy black ears and tail that fade into dark grey.
                              (These last two are my own things.)
FireFistYT FireFistYT May 28
Y/N :Taily
                              F/C :Green
                              B/F :Naomi
                              Hair Color and style: Dirty white, slight gray tips - usual style is pig tails
                              Eyes: emerald green
                              Race: demon
Entity30311 Entity30311 Jun 09
                              Dark Blue
                              Zangsta(what are these names my mind is making?!)
                              Black that fades into gray
AwkwardlyGalactic AwkwardlyGalactic Nov 05, 2017
Y/N: Mayle Fernandez 
                              f/c: black and scarlet
                              B/f: Piper Ray
                              H/c: blackish brown, the right side is shaved
                              H/l: short
                              E/C: lava red
                              Other: hates people, loves music, has a motorcycle
celinagrg17 celinagrg17 Jul 06, 2016
Name: Celina favorite color: purple best friend: Rachel. pov: black hair brown eyes hair color: black