Undertale Book of Smut

Undertale Book of Smut

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Yes I did.
Why you may ask?
Because it was voted on by a anoumious group of people for me to write it.

Do I like undertale like this?
But people do, and I need to get on the bandwagon while its warm.

SO HOP ON, buckle up, because this is going to be interesting.

Dragonfilms Dragonfilms Feb 20
@starlinw21 ok I faintly know what underfell is, it's the one where everyone is kind of in a sort of... How do I put this... Dark? State, such as smoking etc. underswap however is new to me
@Dragonfilms I want to request Fem Chara x Male Reader, please.
Dragonfilms Dragonfilms Feb 20
@starline21 calm down there and unscramble your words there... So a papyrus x underfell papyrus?
Yea I don't like it porn either...but my mind turned on me to read this sh*t
May I request a gaster X shy reader ? There aren't many out there for gaster , and I find him very interesting.
@galaxybagel  Still, I need to claim Chara aa my waifu, so the cinnamon roll's innocence isn't stolen.