Dominates and Submissives(Sterek/BxB)

Dominates and Submissives(Sterek/BxB)

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Beacon_Author By Beacon_Author Updated Nov 26

It was a Saturday afternoon in the small town of Beacon Hills. Not much had changed, since twenty years ago...

Werewolves had begun to reveal themselves to the outside world decades ago. They quit giving into there fear of the hunters after centuries of endless running and hiding.

Werewolves became Dominates. And the humans? Submissive's.

This was a poor boys world. 

'It's what you make of it that counts', he'd tell himself. But he doubted that statement all the time.

When you're a Submissive, nothing counts when it's from you...

Derek Hale goes against his own beliefs of how wrong it was ponding off human beings, but he is desperate to continue his blood line.

Stiles ended up being sold to his new Dominator, Derek Hale.

Will Derek and Stiles grow to love each other? Or will Stiles only be but a Submissive? And Derek his Dominator?

Read to find out in Dominates & Submissive's!

This is good. I like  uncle, maybe not a lot of creepy...? Smut-sure. It's your story-I'm sure that we all will love it either way.☺
Its not certain if thats his real name thats just the clostest guess
Techno626 Techno626 Apr 05
Creepy Peter yes if he's nice....and smut I gotta have it....I love pregnant Stiles...loving the story..
kazemomo kazemomo Nov 24
1. How creepy? 
                              2. Smut if you feel comfortable with it or if it'll fit the story you write.