Dominates and Submissives(Sterek)

Dominates and Submissives(Sterek)

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Beacon_Author By Beacon_Author Updated Jan 10

Werewolves become Dominates.

As for the humans? Submissives.

Derek Hale goes against his own beliefs of how wrong it is ponding off human beings for sexual pleasures and manual labor, but he is desperate to continue his blood line.

Submissive, Stiles Stilinski, ends up in the care of his new Dominator, Derek Hale.

Will Stiles only be but a Submissive? And Derek his Dominator? Or will they find something above that?

Read to find out in Dominates & Submissive's!

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Anny0696 Anny0696 Oct 18, 2017
This one is nice. And changes are also good. Just remember my request of not making Derek abuse Stiles or Stiles being abused in a bad or sexual way.....
Anny0696 Anny0696 Oct 18, 2017
Please don't make Derek abuse Stiles. Show that Derek is possessive for Stiles in a good way and abuses (I mean to say beat the crap out of) those people who had or have done bad with Stiles or have tried to do so... Your getting what I'm trying to say?
                              And sorry if I'm crossing my line here...