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Age of Asango Book I: Innocence and Injustice

Age of Asango Book I: Innocence and Injustice

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Matthew Gibbons Russell By Mathias2000 Completed

It is an age of slavery, of ignorance, torture, and racism--yet within the darkness there is still great humanity. The vast Denigoth Empire has reached a time of relative peace. A conflict wages within its boarders nonetheless between the Nemesai, a religious order who brutally punish sin and enforce theocratic law, and a sixteen-year-old genius sorcerer named Cassian Asango.  
    This first book in the Age of Asango series focuses on four young characters who make their way through a world of magic and demons inspired by the ancient Roman Empire. 
    Kota is a thirteen-year-old member of a tribal race of forest dwellers called the shamalak. He is fascinated by humans and their culture, but when he walks among them he is looked down upon for his dark skin, his silver eyes, and his fangs and claws. Still, he discovers his destiny lies with the strange people.
    Iona is an eleven year old with an remarkably kind heart who has just been purchased as a house slave. Here she meets Livia, a beautiful and remarkably intelligent slave several years older who has no ability to speak. The two of them form a bond facing the hardships of their life.
    Cassian is in competition to be named as future emperor.  He has become a symbol of defiance, denouncing religious persecution and pledging to end slavery. The church and the elite of the empire wish him dead, but he is clever, resourceful, and far more dangerous than anyone anticipates.

Interesting, first we get a  little words from Kato talking about Cassian which seemed to be in good human language and now we meet the 2 of them in the story, some may guess how all will play out if they think and observe
LadyZyanite LadyZyanite Apr 07
You got me hooked as soon as you described Kota
                              This is the type of fantasy I live for
Arturia1966 Arturia1966 Mar 05
I like the look and feel of this. Will reread and then provide something more insightful. I did have a sudden recollection of Avatar. Just my imagination I suspect.
I'd imagine the brush getting 'crushed' but I can see twigs snapping.
I've seen this trope before, but it's an awesome one nonetheless. :D
I'm curious as to what language he speaks. He's leaving articles. ^^