Becoming the Cheetah

Becoming the Cheetah

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Sarah By Werecat Completed

A girl with purple eyes. Is that such a strange thing?
To 'normal' people is it."Hey look it's that freak with the purple eyes!" people often yell when they see Victoria coming. Victoria is an outcast at her school, she has no friends... Until one day a strange boy called Flame walked into her classroom and her life...

Does having unusual eyes mean you're destined to be different?

Before the Hotel: Book 1

Luna_Cat001 Luna_Cat001 Aug 29
Wait inheritance as in the Eragon series *gasp* I love that series it's so awesome!!!
Jake the dog and...................................... Jack the human the fun will never end its adventure time!
if anything, he might attract the bullies. a name like that is far more interesting and weird than purple eyes
I actually have one purple eye and one green one.... I think my eyes are cool,and having purple/abnormal eye color isn't something someone should get bullied about!!! Purple is a gorgeous color and you should just own it!!!
micahbae micahbae Jul 15
I finally read a book with a black girl
                              I love this Arthur already
sunnyside_ sunnyside_ Aug 04
I would be to if my name was frank like not trying to hate just stayin my opinion