His undoing (NNT/Melizabeth fanfiction)

His undoing (NNT/Melizabeth fanfiction)

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Supreme Moon Cat By Blue_Moon_Cat Updated Jul 01, 2017

The Captain for the infamous Seven Deadly sins has growing feelings for a certain Princess of Liones. A new enemy resurfaces seeking revenge against him, starting by targeting she who he loves the most. Will Meliodas' love for Elizabeth make him stronger or ultimately become his undoing?

Hi! This is my first NNT story! This fandom desperately need more works so I thought I would contribute. Feedback is much appreciated!

The Seven Deadly Sins anime/manga was created by Suzuki Nakaba

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Cough cough . creeeeep. ERM. Im just looking at the last part like. OK, you have the hair.but you really need the blood? Lmao
10brownsugar05 10brownsugar05 Dec 06, 2017
he knew she was hurt he wa about to throw hands with someone
MadisonPolniak MadisonPolniak Mar 30, 2016
It's sir meleodis, sorry your story is great its just bugging me
My_Querencia My_Querencia Apr 10, 2016
It's really good and well written. I'm just wondering, which time line are you following? Where the anime left off? Or the mangas? Or just some time after the Holy War?