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Free Hunter (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

Free Hunter (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

108K Reads 3.7K Votes 16 Part Story
Rosey By TheAuroraLights Updated Feb 12, 2016

In a world where the wars are over, the hero has disappeared. He was turned immortal by a gift he never wanted. He vanished. But are the wars truly over? Will he return? Can he be found? Where did he go?
Disclaimer for entire story: Rick Riordan owns Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus, I do not.

Wow. The council doesn't know him at all. Percy never thinks.
XxKinglyxX XxKinglyxX Mar 27
For some random reason, Percy has a British accent for me in this book
XxKinglyxX XxKinglyxX Mar 27
Does he take a shower? If he hasn't wouldn't he have a terrible smell and so he would be a lot easier to find and Artemis should have less trouble doing so since she was hunting him.
He basically told them his story yet no one can figure out who he is? They need to do more thinking and less hunting
Does he have amnesia because he's pulling off this clueless act way too well
XxKinglyxX XxKinglyxX Mar 27
In the books, did Artemis ever actually get close enough to Percy to really find out all this info? The only time they were even near each other was like in the beginning and end of The Titans Curse no? Or did I miss something?