You Are Flawless {WMBW} {Wattys2016}

You Are Flawless {WMBW} {Wattys2016}

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Maia Black By cosmic_tvndem Updated Apr 09

Pic of Julius in MM. 


I knocked on the door of her apartment once. I waited for a few seconds and texted my friend back. The door opened and I looked up. It was him. The asshole who's always breaking her heart,bringing her down,and making her feel as if she's never good enough. 

"What are you doing here,white boy?" He spat. 

"I'm here to pick up Leah," I responded coldly. 

"Leah,your cracker ass friend is here!" He yelled. My fist clenched at those words. Asshole. 

"Okay! Let Julius in!" She tells him. 

"Aight!" He yelled back. He let me in with a scowl on his face. He pushed past me and I glared at his back as he walked away. I soon heard them arguing. 

"No,Craig! I'm hanging out with Julius," She yelled. 

"Man,you care more about some white boy than me," He yelled at me. 

"Craig,you may be my boyfriend and all,but Julius comes first. You come second," She snapped angrily. She walked into the room looking as flawless as ever with jeans that hugged ...

Okay but why are you with him if he doesn't come first 😕😒
IDK why I'm laughing I guest I'm just imagining my mom or dad saying that
Actually that really pretty name but it just spelt differently so........yea😕
- - Apr 11
This is great!!! Love it! I recently wrote my own short story... you should check it out!(: