The Big Girl

The Big Girl

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November 11,2014

"You said I was the only one out here for you. The the only thing good for you. What happen to that huh. What what hap-pen to the love we had. Pairs dropped to her knee and cried out of agony. She just found out her boyfriend of 3 years has been cheating on her with underage child. Her boyfriend Derrick whom is 26, Which a little child who is 16 turing 17. 

"Babe it's not what you thinks going on. She was feeling on me and I told her to stop and that when you camed." Derrick explained to her but she didn't want to her it. Shaking her head.

"Stop fucking lying you pedophile." She chucked a little bit.

"How would that little girl parents feel when they know a grown ass man been having sex of any type or contract with their little baby girl huh. How would the police reacted when they found this out. How do you think I feel huh you piece of shit. Huh." 

Pairs was yelled the last part. You could hear a drop of a dime in that house.

"Well will never know" 

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Moeena_03 Moeena_03 Oct 13, 2017
if your gonna cheat can you cheat legally? damn i would feel so disrespected if someone cheated in me with a minor
bubblezloveu bubblezloveu Apr 03, 2016
You Just plain ole nasty but we can't Just blame him gotta blame the girl to Wat is her Ass doing with a Man Who could past for her brother or sum just sick