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Tucker is the captain of the football team at his high school, East Glenbrook High. He loves his school life, his hot ass girlfriend, and the team, he wouldnt leave the Eagles for anything in the the world. Being captain comes with great responsibility, but also great burden. 

Conner is the captain of the football team at his high school, West Glenbrook High. He takes football very seriously, he wouldn't give up the Gators for anything and always stays focused on his school work so theres no chance of him failing off. He only cares about football. Football and winning.

In their small town of Glenbrook there are only two high schools: East Glenbrook and West Glenbrook. Every single year there is a thanksgiving game held between the two high school teams. The previous captains have graduated, and passed their teams down to the next two captains, Connor and Tucker. The teams have been preparing all summer to basically kill eachother. The two boys hate eachother. They're enemys.


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If you hate saying his name just wait to you start moaning it 😉
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Kemmilove21 Kemmilove21 Feb 10
Omg I love white boys and I’m black girl who wouldn’t mind tasting one😭🤤🤤😏😍😜
Oh no he didn't! I don't care if you're gonna be gay later, you still need to respect women!!
r0lena r0lena Jan 30
okay I had my mind set on Conner because I literally go to a school called west high and our rivals is East lmfaoo
r0lena r0lena Jan 30
... this year omg no 😭😭😭 august better not come by fast or I'll fight
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Break.up.with.her   ok got it now say it with me