I Fell For Kim Taehyung

I Fell For Kim Taehyung

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해리 By taeyeonhasmyheart Updated Dec 30, 2016

"I Fell For Kim Taehyung."

Book 1 of "Fell For Bangtan" series!

Series List:

I Fell For Kim Taehyung
I Fell For Park Jimin
I Fell For Kim Namjoon
I Fell For Jeon Jungkook
I Fell For Min Yoongi
I Fell For Kim Seokjin
I Fell For Jung Hoseok

"Why are you so quiet? Live a little." He smiled, taking my hand.

Cover by me ♡

BtsPaboTrash BtsPaboTrash Nov 05, 2016
Woa has any of the members actually got into a fight before. Like with another member or someyhing like that? I wonder what would've happened
whysnot whysnot Oct 24, 2016
Jin really is my mom, my mom pulls the breaks like theres no tomorrow 😂
ribts_ ribts_ Sep 28, 2016
Same. That, and I don't like the thought of a lot of sweaty people crammed inside a house.
DiamondWolf15 DiamondWolf15 5 days ago
I just thought about Im Jaebum's name, then thought, his name literally almost says, I'm a bum. Makes sense.
theholygodofpotatoes theholygodofpotatoes Oct 18, 2016
What a good brother unlike mine. My brother would most probably call me a loner and laugh at my face
ribts_ ribts_ Sep 28, 2016
actually me. my parents took away assassins creed from me smh