One Final Story (Kakashi X Original Character)

One Final Story (Kakashi X Original Character)

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Heart_of_the_Fandom By Heart_of_the_Fandom Completed

Completed September 7th, 2016

In the small and peaceful village of Kisaragi, one woman desperately wished to become a Shinobi. Her chance to achieve her goals finally arrives one day and she's thrown into the Shinobi world.

A journey that leads to many trials and tribulations come her way, but is it worth it in the end?

The past and present come together in a strange yet inticing way in this story.

Metting many new faces, overcoming new challenges, and discovering things from her past, this is Mika Sokame's story.

Can you handle the ride?

*sweatdrops* of course it's him! Why would it be the hot af copy ninja!?!
If I know that I am not supposed to be something, I'm gonna be it.
I hate people they say something like this. I would Punch them.
And my real name is Miko and I'm low key reading her name as Miko too. 😂