Of Shadow and Ice (Watty's 2016)

Of Shadow and Ice (Watty's 2016)

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Taylor By ShamelesslyImperfect Updated Aug 08

Previously 'Old Souls'

"Princes are supposed to be the heroes of a story. They're the ones that save people and kill the dragons and get the girls in the end. I never had any intention of being one of those princes, because there was simply no need for me to be one. But I couldn't have been more wrong.  

There was a shadow. 
There was a girl. 
And in the end, there was a grave. 

And I never saw it coming."

Brenner Warde is the youngest of two princes, and is happy to see his older brother take the crown after their father. But ruling a kingdom isn't easy and a dark time settles over both the new king and his kingdom. Knowing his brother had changed after taking a trip into the mountains, the young prince decides to take the same path his brother had. There he found more than he could've concocted in his worse nightmares. 

Joined begrudgingly with a witty thief, a dragonslayer, and the very last of the dragons, the four of them start traveling together for very different reasons. But as they do, they begin to realize that Nale will be fighting a war on two fronts. 

First; the people of Nale, hungry and oppressed under his brother's rule, see Brenner as the rightful king. As Brenner reluctantly leads the growing revolution, he sees his brother quickly becoming a tyrant. 

Second: The group uncovers what has been poisoning the King's mind since his trip to the mountains, and it's the oldest of evils. Every dark nightmare, every irrational fear that sends the hair on the back of your neck standing up stiff. 

It's the darkness. And she's done hiding.


Amazing cover done by @MayTijssen

muskaanhaf muskaanhaf Jun 27
I haven't even started reading and I'm already impressed the blurb, the cast and the cover are....well, mind blowing!
- - Apr 16
I'm incredibly excited to start this, but I just wanted to know--is that a Beautiful Creatures reference in the blurb? I adore that book. c:
Already your book has captured my heart.❤ Why isn't this book more popular than it is? Btw you are an amazing writer and great at description.
muskaanhaf muskaanhaf Jun 25
@VarshaJothinathan @Rida_27  haven't started reading this yet, but I thought u might like it. I'm sooooo excited for this!
This is such a sexy cast (no better word to describe it) Looking forward to reading!
CaileanPern CaileanPern Feb 22
This is amazing ** I love your writing! Like the descriptions are short enough to keep us interested in the story but at the same time so poetic :D