The Babysitter Wants Me To Call Him 'Daddy' // a.f.i

The Babysitter Wants Me To Call Him 'Daddy' // a.f.i

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Darling Just By HoldOnn Updated Jul 01

I just stare blankly at his back while eating my breakfast, if an apple is even called a breakfast. 

I know that it's rude af, but I can't help it. He just gives me these weird vibes they're not necessarily bad but they're not good either. 

I mean come on why would such a hot man do as a cruel job as of taking care of the twins, they're not bad kids just they can kids. 

I know dad said that he's doing this just  for a distraction because his fiancé left him, but why doesn't he handle it like every other guy; getting his ass drunk and having night stands? Or like drawing mustaches in her photos or writing all over her photos mean words?  I bite a laugh at that thought. 

''Don't you know that staring is rude?" his voice makes me jump a little pulling me out of my daydreams.

'Of course I know. But I can't really ignore that pretty arse of yours or those biceps, or the way those skinny jeans hug your legs perfectly.' I wanted to say but instead I just rolled my eyes and co...

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RubyWassabi RubyWassabi Oct 14
-finger guns- see u later when we do "it".... AT NIGHT (spongebob reference I'm srry lol xD)
SierahReid SierahReid Jan 16
Oh her innocent mind not knowing about that kink its not her fault