Complete my heart (mikayuu)

Complete my heart (mikayuu)

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Jungshookie By btshadi Updated Jun 08, 2016

(Modern day AU)

An AU where you have half a heart on your left wrist until you find your soulmate then the heart completes ! Enjoy!!

Yuu walked down the concrete in Kyoto and his way to work. It was a nice fall day so he decided to walk wearing a light jacket.

He kept his head down as he walked and he would feel his heart sink as he passed a couple holding hands with complete hearts on their wrist when his was so incomplete.

He's tried searching for his soulmate and after every person he talked to, no heart would appear. Yuu tried dating to feel the void in his life but when they saw no heart appear they would leave.

Yuu stoped altogether with dating and gave up on the hope of finding his soulmate. He turned the volume up him headphones and walked a little faster wanting to get to his work and out of these streets.

He bumped into someone, his shoulder bumped into the other person, and a tingle went through his body and he shivered. 

"Sorry." Yuu mumbled and went around the corner leaving a blue eyes blonde boy around the same age as him stare off after him in awe.

I don't know why, but I cringed when he was like 'I didn't know what else to do, but stare at this sexy man in front of me' I mean I READ SO MUCH THINGS This shouldn't make me cringe :I
*dies of laughter* good one mika. Comedy gold. What a great joke. We all know your gay so stop acting like your not.
*goes in corner and dies* my life is complete now that my babies are together