My name is Viviana Caro and I'm a vampire

My name is Viviana Caro and I'm a vampire

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TheDreamer94 By TheDreamer94 Updated May 05, 2011


This Is the story about a 400 year old vampire who wants one thing....Love, but then again don't we all? Her name is Viviana Caro, She is 19 and very beautiful. She has a loving family and all she could want, but she wants something she can't have......freedom. She gets her freedom, after a stupid decision one starry night, but her freedom comes at a price and a steep one at that. It is too late to turn back once you are a vampire, she now knows she should have treasured what she had, when she had it, now she must learn to treasure what is to come in the form of a handsome vampire called Nathaniel.

Will she make the same mistake of  forgetting to love what you have, when you have it in your grasp or will her dreams come true?

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- - Feb 11, 2013
i can almost imagine emily dido nato as viviana.only if she had red hair
TheDreamer94 TheDreamer94 Nov 03, 2010
@PaigeDaniels thanks so much. That means a lot coming from you seeing as you have quite a few stories yourself, all of which are brilliant. 
PaigeDaniels PaigeDaniels Nov 03, 2010
You've got a good thing going on here. You're really descriptive and it's great! I feel like part of the story!! Great job!
TheDreamer94 TheDreamer94 Nov 02, 2010
thank you to all who have read this. Please don't hesitate to comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!