Ouija Kook || J.JK

Ouija Kook || J.JK

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"I will kill you, if you don't continue
                   play with me.."

                      - Jungkook

I and Oh Sehun are best friends. He told me that he found the new ouija board from the lake. I told him to bring it in my house. Then he's left because he is busy. Well, he is a idol from now on.

I take a look at this board and read THE front..

                          "Ouija Kook.." 

Do you think Jungkook have feelings when he see her playing with him [board]?

Is it a serious reason why he wants her to continue playing with him? 

- warning - 
There will have little horrors..
There will have strong words..
This belonging to me..

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*chants* I am pure and innocent,I am pure and innocent. Who am I kidding
omg. this reminds me of a scene in a movie called “Human Centipede”
eeveekachu eeveekachu Apr 21
Pls change the lamp into the new one :") so it won't flickered out anymore *flip the table*
eeveekachu eeveekachu Apr 21
I'll continue play with you, if you're handsome *murmurs back* okay no-
I've been a bad girl
                              I know I am.
                              I'm so hot
                              I need a fan
                              I don't need a boy
                              I need a ....jungkook
Nah bitch this is the norm, shitty wiring and stuff ya know?