The Devil's Son + Redemption

The Devil's Son + Redemption

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The Devil's Son blurb: 
Amelie is blind since always.

Her life has always been following a predetermined pattern, had always been boring and ordinary, and she'd never managed to get any real friends, since people think she's a freak. Only her family has always been there for her.
But she meets Ethan, and everything changes. She cannot resist the attraction she feels for him, and she's sure that he's the good one.
Ethan rejects her, and Amelie is ready for anything to get him back... Even to get help from the evil side.

But is she ready to sacrifice her soul?

Redemption blurb (WARNING: may contain spoilers about The Devil's Son. Please read The Devil's Son first:)
Amelie has gained sight and now travels with Ethan across the globe to hunt down any Demons possessing humans, to prevent any other innocents to turn into killers, just like Callie. 

But someone else is hunting those Demons too, someone who does more than just exorcise them. He kills the Demons, resulting in the death of the innocent human host. 

Lucifer's father is furious. Convinced that Amelie is the one to kill Demons, aided by Heaven, he threatens to engage in a war against Heaven, which would cause the Apocalypse. Lucifer and Amelie agree to join forces to find the real killer before it's too late... 

But will they be able to stop the killer before a war between Heaven and Hell decimates the human population? And will Amelie be able to redeem Lucifer's soul?