Finding Sophia (The Walking Dead Fanfiction)

Finding Sophia (The Walking Dead Fanfiction)

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Don'tGitBit By carlykenny2458 Updated Nov 09, 2017

Andie Piper is a nobody trying to survive another day in the apocalypse. She was an artist with a troubled history, just trying to make it in the harsh world. She just went through the motions, almost always covered in guts and knife in hand.

That was until she met Sophia Peletier, a lost, young 11 year old girl.

The pair grow as a team and as friends, both learning about each other's pasts. Andie teaches Sophia how to survive, and in return, Sophia teaches her how to love again. 

"Love might be kinda stupid...but it's really fun for the ride." -Sophia Peletier

(This is as if Sophia never died and Andie saved her!)


The Walking Dead TWD Fanfiction

Eventual Daryl x OC (because why not?)

I own nothing!

This is set as if they never found Sophia in the barn, obviously! Thanks for reading!

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allthemfanfics allthemfanfics Nov 12, 2017
Am I the only one who thinks it might be Woodbury or...? (Maybe Negan’s community? Oooooh I wonderrrrrr)
SavvyWard SavvyWard May 06, 2017
Hopefully she has a bunch of close birthdays ,twins and triplets cause then she could go to like 5 graduations at once and put most birthdays together  Lol she must be in a lot of pain after that
maktmnt05 maktmnt05 Oct 18, 2016
Someone look up Sophia's actor 2016 and tell me that puberty didn't hit her like a truck
In_The_Dark_Corner In_The_Dark_Corner Mar 22, 2016
Oh thank god. I waa thinking "It better not be a bite ir a scratch because you said she doesn't die. And I like Sophia."
FireCantKillADragon2 FireCantKillADragon2 Sep 21, 2016
I like sex too. You got to keep it "spicy" if you have been together for several years. Which is exciting.