A New Cullen Sister

A New Cullen Sister

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*Twilight series fanfiction*
*Set after Breaking Dawn

It has been a few months since the last encounter between the Cullens and the Volturi. Life has been carrying on as normal as possible for a coven of vampires. 
Carlisle and Esme travel to New York for a medical conference. Alice has predicted that they will return to Forks with a new member to their family, a chronically ill human at that. With the Volturi battle still fresh in their minds, how will everyone cope with the new addition? Will the Volturi intervene again? 

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters from the Twilight series, they are property of Stephenie Meyer. Any non-Twilight characters, as well as the storyline are mine. Any similarities to real people or events are entirely coincidental. 

*Slightly mature content.

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gradygirls gradygirls Sep 29, 2017
They are saying that there is a typo. It should be giving each of her grandparents a hug. It's in the very first sentence of this paragraph  <3
bandlover7575 bandlover7575 Dec 31, 2017
It would have been funny if she said that’s for me to know and for you to dot dot dot
zooAnonymouSooz zooAnonymouSooz Aug 27, 2017
', giving each of her grandparents a hug. ' ?? Just wondering.
nourrasherif nourrasherif Apr 12, 2016
It's so interesting❤️ I promise I'll finish the whole book when I can.xx
Firen-Dusk Firen-Dusk Jun 09, 2016
I found it adorable the way you have made Esme and Carlisle's Relationship like how he's serious when around everybody but when he's with her he lets loose and i find that absolutely adorable
manonisos manonisos Dec 28, 2016
Just started reading, I find you have a really good writing style so I'm curious for the rest :)