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But I loved you all along

But I loved you all along

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Amy Blanchard By AmyBlanchard Updated Mar 22, 2016

"Trouble in paradise Granger?" He drawled, smirking like he'd just insulted her again. Which in a way he had.

"Shut your mouth Malfoy. You were a part of it too." She huffed back, puffing away the strand of hair on her face.

"Part of what?! I'm not the one looking for reasons to dump Weasley!" He said, crossing his arms and looking at her directly.

"That's not what I'm doing!"

"Come off it Granger. That's exactly what your doing. Some are actually starting to notice" he was scanning his nails for dirt. She didn't comment on that. Obviously lost for words.

"You should try something else" he said after a while. Then she looked at him and waited for him to continiue. 

He smirked again.

"I have the perfect idea."

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Alissadramionelover Alissadramionelover Apr 12, 2016
Pft! Yeah, like that's going to happen with Draco on the team
calledpottah calledpottah Nov 11, 2016
NOOO I ONLY APPROVE DRAPPLE!!!! NOT RAPPLE!!! *rapple sounds weird btw*
TwoSpoonfulsOfSugar TwoSpoonfulsOfSugar Jan 23, 2016
i hope his idea involves putting his mouth on various parts of granger's body