Medics Save Lives But So Do Ninja (Hiatus)

Medics Save Lives But So Do Ninja (Hiatus)

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Gabriel By Gabriel_The_Angel Updated Aug 16

Naruto was attacked at a young age causing him life changing injuries. Lying in an alley in Konoha; scared, in pain, and dying, Naruto believes all hope is lost.

His life changes when he meets a traveling doctor, who saves his life. Now, all the Uzumaki wants to do is follow in his Sensei's footsteps as a kind hearted medic.


Naruto is the cutest thing in the world. I want a little pet with Naruto's personality and that can talk to run around my house to make us happy. So cute!
Honestly, I don't like Hiruzen. In a recent episode, it showed a young Naruto who, when seeing Hiruzen. Didn't know who he was. Like what the hell Hiruzen!! You were so unpresant in Naruto's life that he didn't know who you were! And he was like 8 or 10!
Pika-Girl1 Pika-Girl1 Aug 09
Well maybe you shouldn't have been chasing him in the first place.
Writers_Mom Writers_Mom Feb 16
I hope you are going to continue this story. It is very interesting.
Akane_Shiru Akane_Shiru Jun 13
Hei it's hood that your doing that. Those assholes can be making weird rules to banish Naruto for all we know
He sounds like a good guy. He's just trying to kill the damn thing that killed his family. A life for a life.