Addicted To Your Love (Teacher/Student Relationship)

Addicted To Your Love (Teacher/Student Relationship)

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Angie lived a struggling life with her parent but always believe there was something great for her around the corner. She was sweet and nice but not all that popular or great to look at; so she thought. Until Jacob come into the picture. A sexy French teacher who most definitely has the hots for Angie. But who knows why? Jacob sees more than her beauty but her soul. The instant he meets her he can't help but fall for her. 

Follow the wonderful and romantic adventure that these two will face. A rollercoaster of relationship with a whole lot of surprises. 

Addicted to your Love

Samxo16 Samxo16 Sep 10
My best friends have never really complemented me other than "I wish had had your boobs" which isn't really a complement to me. And the only time my mom has ever really called me pretty is when I'm wearing makeup. I pointed it out to her and she shrugged.
rachel_ally rachel_ally Aug 29
Is she still in high school!?!? She's 21 shouldn't she be in college? Unless they're both going to college and I didn't catch that!
Morg180 Morg180 Sep 16
You can REALLY sing😃! You sound awesome. Keep up the good work👍🏼
rachel_ally rachel_ally Aug 29
Or was her sister not going to school, just so happened to pass her but was actually going somewhere else?
Wingeddancer Wingeddancer Aug 20, 2015
but, but, I didnt fall asleep on you  (even though Its 2:40 am) and I want to know 
                              *pouty face*
- - Jul 18, 2015
So is she adopted? I got confused because she said 'even though' and later said 'my parents told me it was true'