Destined Love

Destined Love

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Tiana ツ By tianajade Updated Aug 21, 2013

IMPORTANT: Destined Love is currently being edited before the continuation and eventual completion. The old chapters are all still available, but please be aware that what you are reading now will not be the final copy and is subject to change. Thank you for your patience and support. 

Delinquent Kade Trevino has had a rough life and learned to only trust number one. Cutting off most of his emotions, he creates a careless attitude towards everyone and everything-mess with him and you probably won't ever have a normal life again. He has the power to do what he wants, whenever he wants, without any regard for how his actions affect other people.

But this path he has chosen soon comes to a standstill when an accident takes places, ending Kade's life temporarily. He is sent into a world he never believed in and into a new life he previously never had the chance to accomplish. He is given the option to start fresh...But there's a catch: his soul mate.

There is no right or wrong answer as to whether or not soul mates exist, but with this second chance, Kade will make an incredible discovery, whether he chooses to believe it or not. 

Difficult choices will be made, true love will be found, but can Kade leave the past in the past and break through his impassive outlook on life? In the end, it all comes down to the decisions Kade makes, and if he can overcome his hatred for the emotion of Love.

Nothing in life comes at an easy price.

And sometimes...Love can't conquer all.

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Frugaldiva Frugaldiva Jul 04, 2014
Hey! I added your story to my reading list to read soon. Your cover is awesome! How the heck?!
whisper_louder whisper_louder Jan 28, 2014
I will give chance! You seem very dedicated, so I will always give a chance! :)
courtney117 courtney117 Jan 27, 2014
Told You Id Comment. only read the first chapter and I'm amazed by it,i can't wait to view more of your wattpad creations. ~sonseirly ; McIsaac Courtney.
helloastrido helloastrido Jan 24, 2014
:) this sounds very cool :D I'm glad you gave me a link to this awesome story <3
pinkycupcake pinkycupcake Jan 19, 2014
This sounds interesting and don't worry I never read any story If I'm not dedicated. I'm honest and dedicated on wht I read :)
Whitelea Whitelea Jan 05, 2014
Nice :) are you going to get this published, like in bookstores or something!