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There's no way that i have three mates!

There's no way that i have three mates!

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Danger By Aevum_Alazo Updated Oct 09, 2016

Amber is just your average werewolf girl. the only problem is she just can't believe she has three mates.So when she finally meets them she does the most sensible thingshe can think of. sHE RAN....Well she tryed but the future kings are so not giving up their mate and their determine to have her even if it means that they have to tie her down to their bed and make her beg them to take her.

Aashii09 Aashii09 Sep 19, 2016
Is it weird I noticed spelling mistake only after i read comments!? Guess not 🙄
vamarian vamarian Nov 01, 2016
Every female I have seen in those stories runs away after they meet and the alpha acts like they just found there possession it is annoying
desrving desrving Apr 29, 2015
Whaaat??? You said you have 'all the right curves in the right places' If youre gunna insult yourself dont compliment saying you have THE curves thats f up man.
Ttbubblesxox Ttbubblesxox Feb 15, 2015
I thought her bros would do it but I guess she must be the eldest
Secrets_from_beyond Secrets_from_beyond Dec 15, 2014
Every time I hear love or read it I read it in my head as Klaus's voice.
Sashawithapotato Sashawithapotato Sep 25, 2014
@REDISMYCOLOR77 That would be rude aint he heard of knocking