The Fallen Angel, The Rising Demon |Reader Insert|

The Fallen Angel, The Rising Demon |Reader Insert|

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Ruby Akuma By Red__Ruby Completed

Y/n L/n lived in a middle-class home with her sister, mother, and father. Her father and sister are angels while her mother and her are demons. Eliza, Y/n's older sister, completely got rid of her demon side while Y/n kept her angel side, though she never uses it. 

The four of them lived in peace, but that all changed when Y/n's mother told her father something that was blasphemy to him. Her mother and father died while her sister remains alive and is tracking her down. 

When Y/n was walking down the streets of Victorian England, she caught sight of a raven haired man along with a blue-eyed boy. They retrieve her as a maid and bonds are made, and some are broken. 

Y/n has secrets. Secrets that NO ONE should know, but as every cliché fanfic, they find out sooner than later. 

She's caught the eye of a certain demon butler. You can guess who ;)

She's a fallen angel, but she's also a rising demon who's constantly fighting for her loved ones. However, her time is coming, but what is it? You'll have to find out. 

(I own nothing!) (Everyone and everything belongs to their rightful owner!) (I only own the plot and my OC's!) (You own yourself!) (Warning!: Cursing, blood, gore!)

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