Inappropriate Winking - Dan Howell x Reader

Inappropriate Winking - Dan Howell x Reader

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Step one: class trip to London
Step two: meet Dan
Step three: see what happens

A simple little Dan x Reader, I hope you enjoy.

Also: This story can be read by any gender (at least I hope so, please inform me when you find any mistakes)

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aph_arts aph_arts Jul 15
Me and my friend made a joke where we replace ow with daddy so I started laughing and she said what and j said I was reading fanfic and I had to say 
                              Daddy,daddy you , daddy RuDe out loud .....
- - Apr 10
(Y/N) is your name and (f/n) is friends name, you could always add numbers too so no one will get confused ex: (y/n) (f/n) (f/n2) (f/n3) (f/n4)
Kthamm915 Kthamm915 May 30
If they hated teenagers they wouldn't have agreed to let them stay in their house.
I'm sorry but if there isn't a toilet on the bus when you're going that far then your bus needs to sort its life out
Nah fam in New York we say "Dead aśs tho It's gunna be frickin (or fûcking) lit"
Kthamm915 Kthamm915 May 30
This reminds me of the time I went to Washington D.C. for a class trip..