Inappropriate Winking - Dan Howell x Reader

Inappropriate Winking - Dan Howell x Reader

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celledragon By celledragon Updated Sep 29

Step one: class trip to London
Step two: meet Dan
Step three: see what happens

A simple little Dan x Reader, I hope you enjoy.

Also: This story can be read by any gender (at least I hope so, please inform me when you find any mistakes)

I'm bilingual. German and English. But as I live in America, I don't speak German much and tend to forget some things.
AllysunYoungblood AllysunYoungblood 3 days ago
I live there tho.... Oh well I'm gonna pretend I used to live there and I moved to America and am now going baxk
Dimana2005 Dimana2005 Sep 22
Ok so it is me,my bff,my other bff and my of them is 4 years old btw but let's make her older
Dimana2005 Dimana2005 Sep 22
Well same.I am Bulgarian who speaks English from the kinder garten and has one week Deutsche knowledge
Seriously when I talk like a posh prick bc I'm from a posh area of London
I'm American, I'm not even sure if I can speak proper English